The Flitplane

Take a look at a Flitplane Builder's Log.

The details...
Empty Weight         245 lbs
Gross Weight         500 lbs
Wingspan              27 ft
Wing Area            145 sq ft
Length                15 ft 9 in
Height                 5 ft
Fuel Cap.              5 gal
Engine                35 hp 2SI

Stall                 26 mph
Cruse                 45 mph
Max power             63 mph
V/ne                  70 mph

Kit Build time...   ~100 hrs

Kit prices range from around $US 8000.00 up.
Depending on your choice of engine and options.

Ready to fly Flitplanes start at around $US 11,000
and up.

Brochures and a video tape (with lots of flying!)
are available.  Give Wings of Freedom a call.

Call WOF
440 834-3245
Flit is Fun

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Del Ogren